The WordPress Guy

And an overall good bloke!

With more than 13 years of experience in creating commercial WordPress themes and plugins (since 2011), we truly understand the ins-and-outs of WordPress and its huge eco-system of themes and plugins.

We have experience dealing with a variety of simple and complex issues with multiple moving parts. From simple CSS tricks and transferring sites between domains and hosts, to ad-hoc solutions with custom code for third party plugins, we got you covered! With over 10k happy users and 11,500+ successfully resolved queries, you can be assured that we know how to make all the moving parts of a site work and play nice with each other.

Let us help you fix your site and get it perfect - just the way you want it.

What We Do

Customize your site and get code tailor made specifically for your site requirements.

Require a specific functionality and can’t find it anywhere? We can build a custom plugin to get you going.

Fix simple & complex Layout issues and complete Template customizations (including WooCommerce)
A few examples of the kind of projects we handle:
WooCommerce Implementation
WooCommerce Customizations
CSS Customizations
Fixing simple and complex Layout issues
Theme / Plugin Customizations
Installing Elementor Templates
Adding custom options for Post-types (CPT) and Taxonomies
Site Migration
Site Optimization
Event and Calendar plugins
Membership plugins
bbPress and Forums
Providing solutions for bugs and incompatibility issues

Custom Packages

Theme Installation

This option includes the installation of the theme on your server, as well as the import of dummy data. We will also replace the logo on your site.
  • For non wpHoot themes, the dummy data must be provided by the theme author.
  • The logo image needs to be provided by you.
  • We will contact you in case your server does not meet the minimum requirmeents for data import, and let you know how to fix it from your hosting panel.

Website Transfer (Domain/Hosting)

This package includes any one of the following:
  • Moving site from one hosting provider to another
  • Changing domain names
  • Moving site from a sub folder to main domain (or vica versa).
  • Moving site from a sub domain to main domain (or vica versa).

Color Scheme Customization

This includes changing the color scheme of your site to match your brand. This will depend on the theme used on your site along with any CSS customizations required to fully incoporate the new color scheme to your site (including WooCommerce).

Website Speed Optimization

We will optimize your site speed on desktop and mobile. This includes setting up a combination of caching, minification and unification plugins, and optimizing their settings for best possible performance. Pease note that this does not include a change in layout or markup.

RTL Version

Add RTL language compatibility to any theme you are using. This includes any CSS customization required for your existing theme to work in RTL mode.

Custom Coding and Support Units

Purchase these units for custom coding projects and premium support. Please feel free to Contact us to discuss your project before purchasing these units.